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The Nantucket Dreamland Foundation

December 8, 2010

Committed to giving back to his local community, Mr. Bart A. Grenier contributes to the Nantucket Dreamland Foundation, a nonprofit that supports visual and performing arts in Nantucket. Directly supporting the Dreamland Theater, the foundation provides a communal entertainment venue at the very center of the city, offering recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. Currently under reconstruction, the new Dreamland Theater will blend seamlessly with its historical surroundings while embracing innovative green building fundamentals. For generations, the Dreamland Theater has served as a landmark of downtown Nantucket, and the foundation’s existence ensures that it will continue as a central venue for decades to come. Reconstruction of the theater has also economically revitalized the Nantucket community, creating many new jobs. When the Dreamland Theater was built in 1831, it served briefly as a Hicksite meetinghouse before another Quaker faction, the Gurneyites, claimed it. During this time, the building also served as an important civic congregation center, hosting several political speakers and demonstrations. Later, the construction became a straw-hat factory and a roller-skating rink until it was converted into a theater in 1911. For almost a century, the theater operated as a nucleus for the performing arts and cinema for the entire island of Nantucket. The Foundation’s reconstruction plans will secure the theater’s continued prominence in the community for at least another century. To learn more about the Nantucket Dreamland Foundation’s goals, watch the following video or visit